Thanks to the experience and work for the farmers, the company acquired CosmoGreen Accreditation Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

-> Now you can pay the farmer for his services, only 20% rate, 80% Surcharge for ARiMR!

You have an agricultural area, you do not know what is currently profitable? - Call-> advise which option is most beneficial for you!

The types of advisory services for farmers:

  • Farm assessment of cross-compliance requirements are met (cross-compliance) +bhp
  • Develop a plan to adapt the farm to the requirements of cross compliance (cross-compliance) + bhp
  • Develop a plan for agri business environment
  • Filing of applications for payment
  • Change or update agri-environmental business plan
  • Filing of documents for the establishment of organic farming
  • Develop a plan for fertilization
  • Develop a program of plant protection
  • Develop documentation of nature: the botanical and ornithological
  • Preparing a business plan in order to obtain credit for the development of farm activities - depending on the amount of gold loan

honesty and fair work done is the first step to success …

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