We provide expertise sciences:
ornithological and botanical gardens to farmers under the RDP 2007-2013, together with all the documents needed to obtain high premiums!

Ornithological expertise

For the purposes of agri-environmental program offers farmers RDP 2007-2013 implementation ornithological studies for variants: 4.1 and 5.1, namely:

  • protection of bird breeding habitats outside Natura 2000 (version 4.1 – surcharge of 1200 pln / ha / year)
  • (Version 5.1 – surcharge of 1370 pln / ha / year)

We make a preliminary determination for the presence of ornithological bird species subject to subsidies.

1 pair of birds classified 10 ha of permanent pasture!

Costs incurred to pay for services expert ornithologist, shall be returned to the farmer with the first tranche of the payment program with ARiMR:

Transaction costs Height is the maximum amount for reimbursement of transaction costs
The costs of preparation of documentation for the natural habitat of the surface up to 1 ha 500 pln
more than 1 ha to 5 ha 1000 pln
over 5 ha to 20 ha 2000 pln
above 20 ha to 50 ha 3000 pln
over 50 hectares 4000 pln

With expertise made in one year will receive a payment for 5 years!

Best to contact us at the beginning of the breeding season, or in early March, when the first species for which payment may be obtained starting to be breeding.

From 2011 expert can perform in the same year as the application for direct payments?

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.

operate throughout the country!

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