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Cosmo Green is a creative service company - design, which focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. Our work is characterized by innovation and attention to detail which, combined withoriginal ideas produce the intended effects, and satisfaction for our customers. We deal with a complex design, implementation and maintenance of green areasand green interior arrangement of buildings.

An alternative to the traditional design of the project is to create online. What is new is the purchase of the finished project or a part thereof.

The company deals with the parallel acquisition of high subsidies for agriculture sector. Performs botanical and ornithological expertise and obtains funding from the PROW 2007-2013.

If you own agricultural land and do not know how to get the highest no cost -> contact us! We will advise, fill requests, and you get a surcharge.

Our services are provided on an outsourcing basis for the architectural studio, officedesign, developers and public institutions. Working with us brings tangible benefits.

Cosmo Green Company cooperates with specialists of all trades, which guarantees the overall performance objectives.

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