for us every space opens up new possibilities …

We offer professional assistance in transforming their dreams into reality.

We offer:

  • comprehensive services in the field: the wider landscape architecture
  • green projects of public, private
  • regeneration projects and the revitalization of existing gardens
  • interior design in the countryside - both private homes and public spaces
  • green roofs
  • green wall
  • development of terraces
  • inventories of dendrochronology
  • GPS method to measure surface
  • supervision of the projects

The project consists of:

  • throw in a color pictorial - functional diagram - spatial
  • throw technical terrain with dimensioning
  • visualizations
  • visualizations + description plantings
  • inventory of plant species
  • description of the project

There is an opportunity to present the customer a green space in 3D, thanks to virtual tour client will be able to feel like in the garden!

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