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Now you can order from us the project at the lowest price on the market!

Warianty Projektu

Mini 799 euro (1m2 only 0,79 euro) 

- one concept
- Four visualizations (2 visualizations - in the day, 2 visuals - at night)

Optimum 1199 euro (1m2 only 1,19 euro) 

- one concept
- Eight visualization (4 visualizations - in the day, four visualizations - at night)

Max 1799 euro (1m2 only 1,79 euro) 

- Two concepts
- Twelve visualization of six to each of the concepts
- virtual tour of the garden!

Every project we send in electronic form in PDF format and visuals illustrating theproject in JPG format. Virtual walk through the garden is in the form of film.

Prices apply to parcels of up to 1000 m2. For larger plots of land prices will bedetermined individually.


  • When placing an order, we sent a questionnaire on preferences of the future garden.
  • Customer sends e-mail: completed survey, a plan of the property (the current map of the site), some pictures plot.
  • The company sent a contract that the contracting fills, sends e-mail, then make a transfer payment under the contract.
  • The designer prepares the concepts of development of the site.
  • After analyzing the client’s designer takes into account suggestions and creates thedesign target.
  • After the transfer of the remainder of the payment. The whole project will be sent.

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