Prow 2007-2013

Cosmo Green deals with raising funds from the EU Rural Development Programme 2007-2013..
Rural Development Programme for 2007-2013 is the largest aid program foragri-food sector in Polish history, implemented by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture. ARiMR is the highest paying agency in Europe, which is responsible for implementing the entire program, with a budget of 17.4 billion euros.

We obtain funds from operations:

Recruitment ended in 2011

Recruitment ended in 2011

Recruitment lasts from 20.10 - 9.11.2011

Recruitment is from 17.10. - 04.11.2011 year grant of up to 100 PLN

Recruitment ended

Recruitment continues

Recruitment continues ...

Recruitment from 15.03.2012 year.

Recruitment from 15.03.2012 year.

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